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Join us on Sundays at Second or at home.

For now, our evening services and Sunday school/CCs will continue to meet online.



Needs are growing in our city because of the coronavirus crisis. There are a number of creative ways to serve and love our neighbors during this challenging time.

Learn about the immediate needs that our Mission Memphis partners have identified.

Ways to Serve Memphis


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Read Pastor George's Weekly Devotional


The worship of God is our highest calling as human beings. Our worship is an exciting and dynamic dialogue with the Creator of the universe who desires a relationship with us through Jesus Christ!

Worship Schedule
  • Sunday Morning 8:15 and 11:00am at live.2pc.org
  • Sunday Evening 6:00pm at live.2pc.org


George Robertson  ·  August 2, 2023


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After teaching several sessions of the Breaking Down the Walls class, Courtney Humphreys noticed a trend. “People were curious about what to do next … they craved opportunities to engage in a small group setting to explore issues of... 手机如何看youtube

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